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Floor Graphics

 Floor Decals can be used  to promote social distancing and make a positive impact on the health and safety of your community.No Matter the Retail enviroment,  Our floor Decals are highly durable and We can make them to be applied both indoors and outdoors, with Non Slip Laminate— for example, inside the store  direction and or waiting points or outside on the sidewalk — to create social-distancing queues. Our floor decals can be personalized for your brand and include your own copy and logo.

CSE Virus Defender

Antimicrobial Overlaminate Virus Shield – Incorporates Sciessent Agion®antimicrobial technology to inhibit growth of viruses, bacteria, mildew, and fungi. Do your part in insuring that what we just went through does not happen again. There is no  100 percent cure but when you can decrease part of it by 99.9%, I would say you did your part.  Our lives have changed and your customers will want assurances. Do Your Part and get CSE Virus Defender today! You can not see them, but they are there. Let CSE Virus Defender give you the Peace of mind that there is a layer of protection 24 hours a day. There are so many high touch surfaces from Table Tops to touchscreens. Protect yourself, your employees and your customers from unseen bacteria

Acrylics Face Shields or Sneeze Guards

Help maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays with our clear plastic barriers. Plexiglass sneeze guards, splash guards, cashier shields and other clear partitions are more important than ever. Shop our selection of stock 32 X 44″ acrylic shields. Or contact us for custom sizes or custom designs. We custom manufacture locally in the United States with quick turn-around time for small and large quantities.

Made from durable break-resistant plastic, our clear face shield helps provide spray and splash protection. Face shield components ship flat and require quick and easy assembly. This simple face shield is meant to be an inexpensive option that can be manufactured quickly and in large quantities to get more units out to those that need them.



  • As you reopen your small business, keep social distancing guidelines in place.

  • Enforce Social Distancing practices – Use Floor Decals or Signs to help customers understand safe distances

  • Communicate your policies to your customers with signs, floor and window graphics

  • Think about using Shields as a barrier between you and your customers

  • Encourage workers and customers to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least once a day and more often in high-traffic areas.

  • Consider applying a Anti-viral laminate on high touched flat areas – Such as CSE Virus Defender

Remember opening up now, it is important that you make your customers feel at ease in your business, you have a new chance of creating a first impression, with everything that is going on you want to capture 100% of your traffic and encourage them to come back again.